Happy Birthday George Harrison 2011

George Harrison

A celebration honoring George Harrison’s 68th birthday
took place in Hollywood tonight. The celebration was
supposed to be at his walk of fame star but it was
pouring down rain. One of the executives from Capitol
Records gave the ok for the celebration to take place
in the entry way of the Capitol Records building.




Just a few extra pictures to share.

Thanks for taking a look. Have a wonderful day!

Stop by and see pictures from George Harrison’s
walk of fame ceremony.

George Harrison gets a Star 2009


22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday George Harrison 2011

  1. Theresa these are GREAT! It’s too bad the weather didn’t cooperate but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. I’m glad you could go and thanks very much for sharing the pics!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos to the public. I am glad people were able to come to the event as I had heard the weather would be rainy and cold, besides fighting traffic to get there. It certainly would be a night to cherish and remember. Hopefully, George Harrison fans were aware that at GeorgeHarrison.com website on his birthday, Feb. 25th there would be a free 24-hour streaming of a “Concert for George” to the public to honor him. The free streaming may still be available to watch the complete concert at his website. Though I was not able to attend the birthday celebration, I watched the “Concert for George” video at his website. I hope the George Harrison fans who went to his birthday celebration were able to watch the free streaming of this special concert. Again, thank you for sharing photos of his 2011 birthday celebration. It is hard to believe his passing is now going on 10 years.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment John. I wasn’t able to watch the streaming concert, I am disappointed. Maybe one day it will be available on dvd, that would be amazing. It is hard to believe, his music is timeless.

  3. Thank you Theresa for the nice pictures. It was a wonderful celebration. Thank you Susan for the nice cake. Thank you Dennis for the cake table and music. Thanks to Steve and Beatles Examiner for their posting.

    Peace and love, Jerry Rubin

    • Thank you so much Jerry for your kind words and for your graciousness at the celebration. It was my first time attending and it was wonderful. Great, warm vibe for such a cold rainy night. Thank you as well Susan for the beautiful cake. Everyone that I show the pictures too say it’s awesome! And thank you Dennis for the table and music. All of you made it such a memorable night. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. I would have been there had I still been living back home. However, I am now out here in AZ. I have been at several of the gatherings at the Lennon star while living there. The gathering of fellow Beatles Fans are always a warm experience. I was out there in spirit and sending out love vibes to the universe. I miss him very much. It’s his inspiration that finally got me to quit smoking after 27 years and I now have a job that helps to fight cancer. Together we can see an end to that dreadful disease. George and John will always be alive in my heart. RIP Love N Peace
    P. S. I have known Jerry since 1983 and he is one of my heroes and I count him as a good friend.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Paul. I am so happy to hear that you quit smoking and are now helping to fight cancer. Take care and keep up the good work.

  5. Hi everyone! Susan did a great job on that cake. We did something similar here in Louisville, KY earlier this month for our Beatles Book and Social Club.

    We had a beautiful photo cake of George but no gnomes. The bakery couldn’t find any but now they are plentiful!

    Hugs to you all across the miles. Hare Krishna, Peace, and Love to you all!


    • Thank you for your comment Helen. By any chance did you post pictures of your celebration? I would love to see your cake as well.
      Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. Yes, despite the weather, we did have a wonderful time. In the twenty-plus years that we’ve been gathering at both John Lennon’s, and now too, George’s “star,” I can only recall two previous events where rain became a problem. But that’s it: onlt twice in so long a period of time. Trully remarkable. Mssrs. Lennon and Harrison must be watching over their respective icons, and us too. I noticed that on both Lennon’s and Harrsion’s stars, rainwater was beading on the surface. When I clean the Lennon star, the final step is to apply a thorough coat of floor-wax; well, perhaps a bit too much, but, man, what an unexpected sight. Water beading on a cleaned and waxed car, yes, but the sidewalk?? Wow…

    Thanks Theresa for the photos of our little gathering and thanks for capturing the moment. A shout out to Jerry for always wearing shorts and being our “Beatle-in-Chief,” Capitol Records for always allowing us the opportunity to gather in front of the iconic building, Susan for bringing the cake, and, oh, yeah, that fella who brought the amp so we could hear some of Mr. Harrison’s best work. Yep, “…a good time was had by all,” and Theresa’s photos show but a small portion of the greater moment, and for that I say “thank you.”

    Peace, always,


    • Dennis, thank you so much for your kind words and for keeping John and George’s stars gleaming. I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates your hard work and dedication. Thank You!

  7. Theresa,

    Thank you for posting some of the photos you took… that is me behind the two young girls holding the candles in their hands.

    A big thanks to Jerry Rubin for leading the ceremony as he has done for these many years, Dennis Garling for keeping George and John’s stars shining brightly and for the awesome cake that Susan brought (and WE ate).

    Also thanks to the two talented young ladies that drew pictures of George and brought them down to the Capitol Records Tower that night… A grand time was had by ALL!

    The next day I went up to George’s tree and plaque planted in Griffith Park near the Griffith Observatory and took some photos there as the sun shone brightly.


    • Thank you for your comment Jeffrey. Everyone who put this celebration together did a fantastic job. I look forward to seeing your pictures of George Harrison’s tree.

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