George Harrison Candle Light Vigil in Hollywood 10yrs. since his death

George Harrison

A candle light vigil was held in
Hollywood on November 29, 2011 for
the 10th. anniversary of George
Harrison’s passing.

Friends of George brought letters,
cards, flowers and candles to place
around George’s walk of fame star.

George’s star about an hour before the
celebration began.

Chris Carter was kind enough to pose
for a picture with George’s star.

Capitol Records provided a sound man
to play the music. It sounded great!

George’s star

Chris Carter, host of Breakfast with
The Beatles spoke about George and
read a message from Olivia to everyone
who attended saying that George would
get a kick out of this.

Susan Hancock spoke fondly of George. She is
responsible for cleaning George’s star,
keeping it shining all year.

Harry Bluebond, writer for the Beatles fanzine
Instant Karma and Dennis
Garling who also keeps the stars clean and shining
all year spoke fondly of George.
One fan brought his Ukulele to play for

Everyone danced, sang and played music.It
was a wonderful celebration of harmony,
peace and love.

Thumbs Up from Chris Carter

Special thanks to Jerry Rubin and the Alliance
for Survival for continuing to organize these
wonderful Beatles events in Hollywood.


8 thoughts on “George Harrison Candle Light Vigil in Hollywood 10yrs. since his death

  1. The photos are excellent!!!!!! The whole experience must have been even better! Thanks so much Theresa for letting us share in this celebration!

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