John Lennon Candle Light Vigil 12-8-11

John Lennon

A candle light vigil was held tonight
for John Lennon at his walk of fame star
in Hollywood.

Many of John’s fans and Beatles fans
came with instruments ready to play
and sing John and Beatles songs.

John Lennon’s star before the celebration.

Art, letters, flowers and candles were
placed on and around John’s star.

This young man’s name is Jr. He was at
the candle light vigil for George last
week. He promised to bring his guitar
tonight to play for everyone. He was very

Pat Tyson spoke fondly about John and
handed out programs for the Hollywood
United Methodist Church which will be
putting on a production of the Nativity
done entirely with Beatles Music.

These wonderful people are the ones who
keep the Beatles walk of fame stars clean
through out the year. Thank you for all of
your hard work and dedication.

John’s star as fans brought flowers
pictures, candles and notes to place
around the star.

More playing, singing and dancing to
celebrate John Lennon.


Special thanks to Jerry Rubin and the Alliance
for Survival for continuing to organize these
wonderful Beatles events in Hollywood.

Thank you to Capitol Records for providing
their awesome sound guy.


3 thoughts on “John Lennon Candle Light Vigil 12-8-11

  1. Theresa, your photos show the wide range of people, fans, who have embraced John through the years. I believe they represent John’s fans everywhere, not just in LA. New generations discover John, his music and his beliefs, and how his actions spoke volumes. Great photos as always! I hope you were able to enjoy the ceremony while working:)

    You collaboration with Steve once again was excellent!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Roger for your kind comment. Your insightful words were wonderful in telling what this night was about. Fans of all ages came to remember John and people who walked by would sing along with the songs that were playing. I appreciate that you stopped by to take a look, thank you so much!!

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