Adam West Walk of Fame Ceremony

Adam West

Adam West was honored with a star on the
Hollywood walk of fame. April 5, 2012.

Guest speakers included Seth McFarlane and
Radio personality Ralph Garman

Special guest The Batmobile provided by Barris
Kustom Ind.

Adam West’s star before the ceremony

The Batmobile arrives

George Barris, creator of the 1960’s TV Show Batmobile

Adam West

Cool Cosplayers


5 thoughts on “Adam West Walk of Fame Ceremony

  1. Great photos, Hermanita !!! WoW, Adam has aged gracefully, it’s good to see he’s still in pretty good shape. Oh, and the Batmobile, very cool indeed !!! Awesome job, Theresa Z 🙂 ❤

  2. As usual you captured some great moments Theresa…..Adam was looking directly at you!! You also got some EXCELLENT shots of the Batmobile. It looks like you were close enough to have climbed right in!! It would have been very cool if Burt Ward had been there. Andy said it for me…awesome job!!!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment Roger, I appreciate it so much. For the shot of the inside of the car I walked up to it and took a couple of pictures then walked back a couple of feet to get the others. I couldn’t believe that I was next to the Batmobile =)
      Happy Holidays to you and your Family!

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