George Harrison Birthday Celebration

George Harrison

George Harrison’s 70th. birthday was celebrated in Hollywood
at his walk of fame star in front of Capitol Records. Jerry Rubin
and the Alliance for Survival produce these wonderful events
and do a fantastic job. Music, peace and harmony are felt
though out the evening.

February 25, 2013

0 GH Bday 2013 - 1

0 GH Bday 2013 - 2

0 GH Bday 2013 - 3

This birthday card will be sent to George Harrison’s wife Olivia.

0 GH Bday 2013 - 4

Chris Carter, host of the longest running Beatles radio show
Breakfast with the Beatles, cuts the birthday cake.

0 GH Bday 2013 - 5

The youngest George Harrison Fan, she is 4 yrs. old, wearing
a beautiful “Love” tee-shirt.

0 GH Bday 2013 - 6

George Harrison fan art

0 GH Bday 2013 - 7

Jerry Rubin and Chris Carter


4 thoughts on “George Harrison Birthday Celebration

  1. This looks like it was a wonderful celebration Theresa. The black & white pic of the young girl fan really stands out!

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