Hollywood Celebrates The Beatles 50th. Anniversary

The Beatles

Hollywood celebrated the 50th. anniversary
of the day The Beatles first came to the US,
making their first live television appearance
on the Ed Sullivan show at studio 50 in New
York on February 9, 1964,

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Approximately 73 million viewers tuned in
breaking television viewing records and making
music history not to mention fashion history.
Beatlemania began when the first chord to “All
My Lovin” was played, followed by “Till There
Was You” and “She Loves You”.

“A lot of people’s fathers had wanted to turn us off.
They told their kids, ‘Don’t be fooled, they’re wearing
wigs. But a lot of mothers and children made them
keep it on.”. – Paul McCartney

The celebration in Hollywood took place
at Capitol Records. Special guest was
Ed Sullivan impersonator Michael Sherman.

Beatles 50 Hollywood

 Special guest at the ceremony was Tim
Piper, world famous John Lennon impersonator
who performed his song “The Shot Heard Round
The World”. Tim performed with his brother Greg
and friends Donald Butler and Morley Bartnoff.

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Beatles 50 HollywoodTim and Greg Piper

Other terrific musicians who played at the ceremony
were Ye Olde Beetles, Jason Berk, Zane Suarez, Zeus
and Tee-M from Pakistan.

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol TowerTee-M

Beatles 50 HollywoodJason Berk

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Beatles 50 HollywoodYe Olde Beetles

Beatles 50 HollywoodZane Suarez

Beatles 50 HollywoodZeus

Chris Carter, host of the longest running Beatles show
Breakfast with the Beatles, and official cake cutter was
on hand to celebrate and chat with fans.

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Beatles 50 Hollywood

15-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

Chris also gave away passes to Ringo’s exibit at the
Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

16-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

This was the youngest fan at the celebration. Her
name is Sage, she won a slice of toast from Ed
Sullivan for answering the a trivia question. The
question was, what was The Ed Sullivan Show
called before it was called The Ed Sullivan Show?

20-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

21-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

Some of the decorations that fans left at The Beatles
Walk of Fame stars in front of Capitol Records and a
Cool poster that a fan made.

22-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

24-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

23-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM

And a few extra pictures.

Beatles 50 HollywoodTim Piper, Jerry Rubin, Joel Cohen and Sal Gomez

Beatles 50 Hollywood

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol Tower

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol Tower

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol TowerTim Piper, Donald Butler and Greg Piper

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol TowerTim Piper taking pictures with fans

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol Tower

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol Tower

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol Tower

Beatles 50 Hollywood Capitol Tower

This billboard was on Argyle, behind the Capitol Tower

26-9-14 Beatles 50 Hlwd 3-WM


10 thoughts on “Hollywood Celebrates The Beatles 50th. Anniversary

  1. Wonderful photos Theresa! Really special! It looks like it was a nice sunny day too. You were really close!! Now you can go to Ringo’s Grammy exhibit, yeah! I would have loved to be there but with your pics we all can experience it through you. Glad you could go 🙂
    (Ed Sullivan’s Show used to be called Toast Of The Town)

    • Thank you so much Jason, you were fantastic, you really got the crowd going!
      I apologize about your name, I lost you in the crowd before I had to leave. I will change it now. Have a good week.

  2. Can I post the pic of me on my facebook page? I’m the Larry is George guitar player. Nice shots, by the way! I didn’t even see you standing there.

    • Hi Larry, sure, no problem, only please do not alter the photo in any way, I appreciate it, thank you so much. The celebration was so much fun, you guys were wonderful. Have a good week.

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