George Harrison Birthday Celebration

George Harrison

George Harrison’s 70th. birthday was celebrated in Hollywood
at his walk of fame star in front of Capitol Records. Jerry Rubin
and the Alliance for Survival produce these wonderful events
and do a fantastic job. Music, peace and harmony are felt
though out the evening.

February 25, 2013

0 GH Bday 2013 - 1

0 GH Bday 2013 - 2

0 GH Bday 2013 - 3

This birthday card will be sent to George Harrison’s wife Olivia.

0 GH Bday 2013 - 4

Chris Carter, host of the longest running Beatles radio show
Breakfast with the Beatles, cuts the birthday cake.

0 GH Bday 2013 - 5

The youngest George Harrison Fan, she is 4 yrs. old, wearing
a beautiful “Love” tee-shirt.

0 GH Bday 2013 - 6

George Harrison fan art

0 GH Bday 2013 - 7

Jerry Rubin and Chris Carter


An evening with Paul Williams – Phantom of the Paradise tribute concert

Paul Williams

An Evening with Paul Williams and a Phantom of
the Paradise tribute concert. It doesn’t get better
than this.

My amazing Son, Randall, surprised me with a ticket
to go to this event held at the Silent Movie Theatre in
Hollywood. It was a thrill to be able to chat a bit with
Paul Williams afterward and have him sign my dvd. This
still feels like a dream.

I have loved this movie since it’s release in 1974, seeing
it multiple times at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

The Silent Movie Theatre. Hollywood

Paul Williams

My Ticket

Signed dvd

A night that I will never forget.

Adam West Walk of Fame Ceremony

Adam West

Adam West was honored with a star on the
Hollywood walk of fame. April 5, 2012.

Guest speakers included Seth McFarlane and
Radio personality Ralph Garman

Special guest The Batmobile provided by Barris
Kustom Ind.

Adam West’s star before the ceremony

The Batmobile arrives

George Barris, creator of the 1960’s TV Show Batmobile

Adam West

Cool Cosplayers

SantaCon 2011 Hollywood, CA


SantaCon took place in Hollywood CA today
Hundreds of Santas came out to bring holiday
cheer to everyone.

Santas gathered in many spots to sing carols
There were so many creative Santa costumes
it was Awesome! One stop included breakfast
with the Santas at Mel’s then hundreds of
Santas piled into Boardners for drinks and
a lot of fun.

Dressed for SantaCon, Lucy Nicol had to be
around 6’2″ tall. I love her boots.

More Santas

Santas at Boardners

Nope, this isn’t Kirsten Dunst and
Jake Gyllenhal. = )

Santas head into the Hollywood &
Highland Center for some caroling

Hundreds of Santas and an astronaut wait
to get into Boardners for a jolly cocktail.

Santas hanging out across the street after the party
at Boardners waiting to head to their next stop.

SantaCon was a blast!
I met some wonderful people who were
great when I asked them for a picture.
I appreciate it!

Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy 2012!

John Lennon Candle Light Vigil 12-8-11

John Lennon

A candle light vigil was held tonight
for John Lennon at his walk of fame star
in Hollywood.

Many of John’s fans and Beatles fans
came with instruments ready to play
and sing John and Beatles songs.

John Lennon’s star before the celebration.

Art, letters, flowers and candles were
placed on and around John’s star.

This young man’s name is Jr. He was at
the candle light vigil for George last
week. He promised to bring his guitar
tonight to play for everyone. He was very

Pat Tyson spoke fondly about John and
handed out programs for the Hollywood
United Methodist Church which will be
putting on a production of the Nativity
done entirely with Beatles Music.

These wonderful people are the ones who
keep the Beatles walk of fame stars clean
through out the year. Thank you for all of
your hard work and dedication.

John’s star as fans brought flowers
pictures, candles and notes to place
around the star.

More playing, singing and dancing to
celebrate John Lennon.


Special thanks to Jerry Rubin and the Alliance
for Survival for continuing to organize these
wonderful Beatles events in Hollywood.

Thank you to Capitol Records for providing
their awesome sound guy.

Occupy L.A.

11-11-11 Veterans Day

Live and recorded music was played for Veterans
Day including a cool mix of the song San Francisco.
Everyone celebrated our Veterans including these
two little girls.

11-22-11 March to the Federal Reserve

Marching toward the Federal Reserve

First arrest while marching. He got free
and ran, police chased him on bicycles
(my flash caught the reflectors on his clothes)

George Harrison Candle Light Vigil in Hollywood 10yrs. since his death

George Harrison

A candle light vigil was held in
Hollywood on November 29, 2011 for
the 10th. anniversary of George
Harrison’s passing.

Friends of George brought letters,
cards, flowers and candles to place
around George’s walk of fame star.

George’s star about an hour before the
celebration began.

Chris Carter was kind enough to pose
for a picture with George’s star.

Capitol Records provided a sound man
to play the music. It sounded great!

George’s star

Chris Carter, host of Breakfast with
The Beatles spoke about George and
read a message from Olivia to everyone
who attended saying that George would
get a kick out of this.

Susan Hancock spoke fondly of George. She is
responsible for cleaning George’s star,
keeping it shining all year.

Harry Bluebond, writer for the Beatles fanzine
Instant Karma and Dennis
Garling who also keeps the stars clean and shining
all year spoke fondly of George.
One fan brought his Ukulele to play for

Everyone danced, sang and played music.It
was a wonderful celebration of harmony,
peace and love.

Thumbs Up from Chris Carter

Special thanks to Jerry Rubin and the Alliance
for Survival for continuing to organize these
wonderful Beatles events in Hollywood.

John Lennon Birthday Celebration in Hollywood 10-9-11

John Lennon

John Lennon’s 71st.Birthday was celebrated
In Hollywood today at his star in front of
Capitol Records.

Fans brought flowers, candles and art to
pay tribute to John. Fans also signed a big
birthday card that will be sent to Yoko Ono.

John’s Beautiful Birthday cake. Courtesy of
Capitol Records.

Chris Carter, host of Breakfast with the
Beatles joined the celebration at
help with the cake cutting ceremony.

Nicole Carter, Chris’ daughter helped her
dad pass out cake to everyone.

Jerry Rubin with one of the youngest fans at
the the birthday celebration.

A couple of extra pictures from today.
More art and the crowd in front of Capitol

Special thanks to Jerry Rubin and the Alliance
for Survival, Capitol Records for the cake,and
everyone for all of the food for the breakfast
and brunch pot luck, it was a beautiful celebration
of love Peace and Harmony.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream
you dream together is reality”. – John Lennon