Batman creator Bob Kane receives Walk of Fame Star

Bob Kane

Bob Kane received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame today. Guest speakers included artist, writer and publisher Jim Lee and director Zack Snyder.

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The Batmobile from the new Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie arrived. In theatres March 25, 2016

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Today was also the day that Batman was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Batman was a surprise guest accepting the award.

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And some extra pictures from the ceremony. Jim Lee and Zack Snyder were so gracious and stayed a long time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

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A Congratulations page for Bob Kane in Variety

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This is a Batman cardboard mask that was handed out to fans. Before the cermeony. Jim Lee and Zack Snyder came over and signed them for fans.

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The Amazing Stan Lee gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Stan Lee

What a Fantastic way to start the New Year!

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee received his star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 4, 2011.

Guest speakers included Gill Champion,President
and COO at POW! Entertainment and Todd McFarlane,
creator of Spawn and founder of McFarlane Toys.

Stan Lee’s star before the crew puts down the
red carpet and prepares for the ceremony.

Stan Lee and Leron Gubler

Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane

Stan Lee

Todd McFarlane, Gill Champion, Stan Lee
and Leron Gubler

Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s Wife of 63 yrs. Joan Lee

Gill Champion, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane

Amazing Spiderman comic signed by
Stan Lee at his Walk of Fame ceremony.

Hans Zimmer receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer received his star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame. Dec 8, 2010. Guest speaker at his
ceremony was Director, Christopher Nolan.

Scoring over 100 films which have earned him many
awards including an Oscar and three Grammy’s,

Most recently scoring for Batman Begins, The Dark
Knight, Sherlock Holmes, Inception and Pirates of
the Caribbean.

Hans Zimmer dedicated his star to his Mother
and longtime friend and publicist, Ronni Chasen

Hans Zimmer and Leron Gubler

Hans Zimmer receives his declaration. December
8, 2010 is Hans Zimmer Day in Hollywood.

Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan

Hans Zimmer and Daughter Zoe Zimmer

Director, Christopher Nolan

Emma Thompson received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame + Video

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson received her star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame on Aug 6, 2010.

Guest speakers included Hugh Laurie and
Maggie Gyllenhaal. Many of the cast for
her upcoming movie, Nanny McFee Returns
attended the ceremony.

Video clip of Emma’s grand entrance
through the Pig N’ Whistle British Pub

Emma, pint in hand, poses with Monkey the Piglet

Emma and Hugh share a couple of special

A couple of extra pictures from the ceremony

From Nanny McPhee Returns (L-R)
Maggie Gyllenhaal, Eros Vlahos,Lil Woods,
Rosie Taylor-Ritson and Emma Thompson

Emma chats with Monkey the piglet at her

Randy Newman receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Randy Newman

Randy Newman received his star on
Hollywood’s Walk of Fame today.

Guest speakers included Eric Idle
and chief creative officer at Pixar
and Walt Disney Animation Studios
John Lasseter.

Good Friends Randy Newman and Eric
Idle share a hug

Woody and Buzz showed up for their
friend Randy

Randy Newman made many fans happy
when he hung out after his ceremony
to sign autographs

* Photographer-TheresaZ
* Date-June 2, 2010
* Event-Walk of Fame Ceremony-Randy Newman
* Location-6667 Hollywood Boulevard

Cary Elwes 2010

Cary Elwes.

It was a treat to be able to photograph Cary Elwes

at the Star Ceremony for Mel Brooks. I have been a

fan of Cary’s for while.I first saw him in the movie

Princess Bride. I was hooked. From Dracula [Coppola]

to Lady Jane, Robin Hood Men in Tights and The Crush,

to name a few.


Here are some pictures from April 23, 2010

Mel Brooks breaks into song while speaking at his Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

Mel Brooks.

Wonderfully talented and funny Mel Brooks
received his star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame on Friday.The laughs didn’t stop, Mel
even managed to throw Leron Gubler (President
of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce) off
while reading about his accomplishments.

Guest speakers included Carl Reiner and Robert
Osborne. Many of Mel’s friends and family were
there in support.The ceremony was so much fun,
I hated to see it end.

Mel Brooks s and Son Max Brooks share a hug.

After giving a warm and humorous speech,
Mel closed with a song.

Special Thanks! to Filmmaker Randall Maynard
for editing the video to share with you.

Mel Brooks, Son Max Brooks and Max’s Son,
Mel’s Grandson, Henry pose for the press.

Cary Elwes was at the ceremony to support his
friend. He graciously signed autographs and
chatted with fans.

Do another movie with Mel? I’m in!  = P

Mel Brook’s Walk of Fame plaque.

A frail Dennis Hopper attends his Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

Dennis Hopper


Dennis Hopper received his star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame.Guest speakers included actor Viggo Mortensenand
film producer Mark Canton.

Dennis Hopper arriving at his Star Ceremony

Waving to fans from the stage. The bandages he said, were
the result of a fall he had taken when a paparazzi outside
of his home called out his name.

Dennis Hopper gave a very emotional speech. He said that
everyone that he had invited and some that he hadn’t have
enriched his life tremendously, showing him a world he had

never seen, being a farm boy from Kansas.

You name an emotion, it was felt today

Long time friend, Mark Canton gave a beautiful speech for his
friend Dennis Hopper.

Viggo Mortensen read a beautiful poem for his friend
Dennis Hopper

Danny Trejo & Michael Madsen Showed up to support

their friend Dennis Hopper.

Jack Nicholson spent a good amount of time signing

autographs for fans.

A close up of Jack’s Easy Rider shirt.

Flowers were placed on Dennis Hopper’s
star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli

It was a beautiful day in Hollywood. Perfect for a
walk of fame ceremony. Andrea Bocelli was honored
with the 2,402nd star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame. March 2, 2010

The Children’s Choir from the Adderley School of
Performing Arts performed three songs beautifully.

A special moment was created when Claire Nordstrom
of the Children’s choir sang Con Te Partiro and was
joined by Andrea Bocelli.


In the pictures are Andrea Bocelli, Veronica Berti,
David Foster, His interpreter and a family member
holding up his Andrea Bocelli Day resolution.